Electromagnetic Pulse and Geomagnetic Disturbance Protection

This was part of my letter to the Texas State House Affairs Committee about Senate Bill SB330 being moved on to voting schedule:

Three things loom upon us from now to near future that could catch us with our guard down, but if we prepare now we won't suffer dire consequences to modern humanity. We rely on the electric grid and infrastructure too much to loose it's continued operation.

#1: Threats from terrorists that would damage substations that are unguarded. We have seen the outages that can happen from this in recent news. Protections from attacks need to be hardened and proper defense needs to be set in place.

#2: Threats from EMP attack via high altitude nuclear blast/s (government studies have concluded) could damage sensitive components in electronics that control operations of the electric grid, all the way from fuel suppliers to electric production plants themselves. With tensions escalating from enemies of our allies, if we defend our allies, both Russia and China have promised to attack the U.S. if we defend our allies that they want to invade and take over. N. Korea and Iran have both promised to attack the U.S. upon gaining capability. High altitude nuclear blast to cause a wide spread EMP is the hardest to defend against. An ICBM, fired straight up from a sub off of east and west cost lines, and detonated 300 miles up, before defense missiles would reach their targets, would cause an EMP with a near 3000 mile diameter, each. We can protect our grid from an EMP event with retrofitting products. From large grid component protections to small, Siemens, EMP Shield, and a few more, make product that can be utilized to retrofit current infrastructure, without rebuilding and re-designing the whole grid. But, if we were attacked with EMP this way, today, all infrastructure would shut down, along with all private businesses and full loss of citizen's private assets that depend on electronics. Without, outside, foreign help, 90% of Americans would die within, just, one year.

#3: Threat of GMD (Geo Magnetic Disturbance), such as solar flare. In another two years we will be in the height of solar activity with in this current solar cycle. Right now we are in the mid height of the rise to peak activity. These same EMP defense protections can also protect from the effects of a large solar flare, in regards to the electric grid. A Carrington Event in today's electronic frontier would bring down our electric grid, similar to the E3 effect of an EMP, possibly with stronger current surge. We did have a 9 day near miss in 2012. We got very lucky, then. But, we know, it's not a matter of if, but when we get hit with another large solar flare.

I know we need these protections yesterday. We always try to build the fire station before the fire. Risks are high now, but they are only continuing to grow.

This is the easiest plug and play EMP/GMD/Lightning protection I have found that is sold to the public, but has actually been tested by Keystone Compliance to exceed D.O.D. required specifications for U.S. Military use. EMP Shield's RV Plug-In model is a great, noninvasive, solution to having to install the home models in the breaker box. And, with no electrician needed, it makes it a great solution for renters. You will not have any dispute with your landlord. Buy two of these plugin 120VAC units to protect whole home/apartment. Plug one into a breakered zone on one 120VAC faze, and the second one into a zone on the other 120VAC faze. It's also great for RV's

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Here, are the two EMP Shield models I purchased for vehicle and home. Usually, for the vehicle model, you just mount/install it in the engine compartment, or somewhere close to the battery. I know some vehicles have their battery in the trunk, or under the back seat. So, which ever area is closer.

EMP Shield makes 37 different models for many applications. Home, car, wind, solar, generators, single faze, two faze, and even three faze.

You can also use a cookie tin as a faraday box to protect small electronics from EMP. >>>>>>