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At Simple Prepper, we believe that everyone should have the knowledge and resources to handle unexpected emergencies. While we are not doctors or experts, our mission is to empower individuals and families to start their preparedness journey with simple and practical steps, with our own life experiences. We hope this helps you as a beginner with your starting preps.

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We do not give legal advise. We are not an attorney. We offer opinions on simple prep hacks.

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Affiliate links are shared on this website for products talked about and promoted. These are products we have used ourselves, or are on our wish list for adding to our own preps. However, we do earn sales commissions on some of the products we share about, if we had supplied a coupon code or an affiliate link. Our hopes are we can provide links that can also save you money through our sales affiliation with suppliers of promoted product. Some companies don't provide discounts, but I will tell and show about the savings if it's available.

Our principles

Begin your disaster preparedness journey with basic preps and gradually expand your supplies and skills. Stay focused on long-term readiness.

Community matters

Simplicity is key

Start small, think big

We believe in providing simple and practical solutions for disaster preparedness. Our focus is on easy-to-implement strategies and resources.

Building a strong community is essential for resilience during emergencies. Connect with like-minded individuals and share knowledge and resource information.

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